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New line of Androids :)

  • 13 May 2012
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Sadly I did not join Koodo when it still had Samsung Nexus S. Koodo Plans + Service is amazing an by far Koodo is most loved company which was recently proven by Canadian Customer Satisfaction Survey where Koodo Mobile was ranked #1 for Customer Satisfaction. But sadly Koodo does lack phone selections. I am no an Apple loving person but more of an Android lover for the reasons I can jump custom ROM's on my android phone. In any event the best Android phone that Koodo has so far is LG Optimus Black aka LG P970G, which is a 1Ghz CPU Android. So why not get more customers with more great smartphone's like - HTC One X - HTC Sensations 4G - LG Optimus X2 - Samsung Galaxy S II - Samsung Galaxy S III - Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Motorola RAZR If you can bring back Samsung Nexus S I would be happy as a cow 🙂

1 reply

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Hi PT; A lot of the reasons why Koodo doesn't carry the higher end phones is because of cost. some of those phones cost anywhere from $300 - $500, which tends to make phones not affordable along Koodo's M.O. There have been exceptions like the Nexus S, or the Iphone 4/4s(but those have contracts). You can always purchase the phone, have it unlocked and bring it over to Koodo. Never say never though. One of those phones could end up in Koodo's phone line up.