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New Categories for Questions

  • 21 October 2012
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I was thinking that you could break down the question categories further on the Community Billboard. Since a lot of people just want to know about one specific thing when they write in, would it make sense to break it down to equipment issues, billing questions, data, voice, and texting - I do not know if this makes sense for you, but I thought that I would put the idea out there. Thank you

2 replies

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You mean in the "Topics" section? Yeah I agree though just hope that wouldn't result in more double-posting if their question in a certain category isn't getting answered.
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True, it may lead to a lot more traffic - but I have noticed that most of the questions (except for the harder questions) are answered within a few hours or overnight if they are posted during the evening, which is really impressive You know that Koodo is following this site - I have seen several company sites that exist but are not monitored at all - this one is definitely different.