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Need Service to Talk back home (Pakistan)

Hi there I am with koodo long time. I check your services and you are providing some countries Long Distance Minutes (for exampe India 2000 Minutes and charing them Extra 20 doller...ETC).I am looking same service for Pakistan. Could you please provide us as same service and we have so many Pakistani in Canada. But they don't have long distance calling service. Please provide us this big favour.Thanks Umair

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Hi Fahad,

We launched the add-on for India because of the huge demand for it. If the same applies to Pakistan, we'll definitely consider it. If there are others on the Community that want a Pakistan add-on, feel free to vote for this idea 🙂
I agree with umair. There are 150000+ pakistanis in canada. But no canadian carrier Is providing us the service as they are providing for india. 4G technology is introduced in pakistan couple of months ago. So please provide us less than 5 cent/minut call to mobile or land line to pakistan. Thanx. Tahir