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need 1-866-995-6636 phone number put back on bills please

Please put the 1-866-995-6636 phone number back onto the paper bills. We are set up so that I make phone payments using my credit card on my sons phone since he is frequently out of the service area and I do not always have internet access. We live remotely and phoning a payment in is the easiest way for us. I was late making his payment because I had no internet and no access to his old bills with the number until today. That's my "idea", cheers!!

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Not disagreeing with your idea Sarah but wouldn't it be easier to make a contact in your son's phone called "Paying bill", etc or writing it down and putting it somewhere easy to see like on the refrigerator.
He's often working out of town, in camps, on fishing boats etc. We just found a fast phone call when I'm doing all my other bills is a convenient way to handle it for us. I only hesitate to have auto billing on my card because I like to have control over it by phone in case of changes or suprises.