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More lower pricing and more benefits to koodo members

better pricing bundling as well as  discounts for members by have a koodo card,,,, why not theres always a first time

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Let's break down your subject in 2 parts Ali: [i]More lower pricing [...] As much as I hate to say it, this is canadian wireless services. Lower prices ain't happening, ever. [i][...] and more benefits to koodo members Currently, one benefit you have is the ability to keep a grandfathered plan you happen to like. They won't take it away from you, so there's that. As for discounts, once your Tab is cleared up, you can opt for 10% off your monthly bill. Depending on your plan, this could save you some coins every month! Hope it helps!
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Koodo is currently one of if not the best pricing for the Canadian Market compared to all the cell towers you get = fantastic reception. In my books as many would agree koodo is doing a great job and still legally follow the CRTC guidelines.
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And to expand on what David said, you can also always change to any new promotional plan that come out. Your also getting Koodo's best in class customer service (3yrs in a row #1 on JD Power), a Tab that can pay off before others companies 2 yr contracts, and a lot of times there are.gift cards for new customers. I don't think things are as bad as you make them out to be.