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More choice for "International Text" and "International Data, Minutes & Text" Add-ons

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Right now, your choice for the "International Text"  is 30 days:$15 for 75 outgoing  text.  
Or for the "International Data, Minutes & Text" is 30 days: $40 for 50 min, 50MB and 50 outgoing texts.
And you have to pay overage charges  if you went over your limit.

It would be nice if people can choose more options like
For the "International Text"
30days, $15 for 75 outgoing  text
              $30 for unlimited texts

For the "International Data, Minutes & Text"
30 days: $40 for 50 min, 50MB and 50 outgoing texts.
               $70 for 100 min, 100MB, 100 out texs
               $100 for 200 min,200MB, 200 out text

I know you can unlock your phone and use a local sim is cheaper but you can't use your Koodo phone number (without work around.)
And I've seen more ppl using the International roaming add-ons, so I thought more options for different usage needs would be nice 🙂

Add: I was always thinking this Travel Add- on renewal,  or more options for length of add-on and/or amounts of minutes/data/ limits.
And after I saw a Stephen's post it came back to me to to put words together.

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