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More Android 4.0 phones please!

  • 21 September 2012
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If you provide more Android 4.0 phones (Samsung G3 for instance) more customers would sign-up with Koodo..Adding iphone 5 in the end is too expensive for the customer. More higher end Android phones is what the people want..

5 replies

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Why wouldn't you just buy the phone of your dream (wherever you want to) and put your koodo sim in?
Why wouldn't you just buy the phone of your dream (wherever you want to) and put your koodo sim in?If they are a postpaid Tab customer, they probably want to get a $150 subsidy. Best Buy and Future Shop sometimes offers a $150.gift card that is subsidized instead of a Koodo phone. This can help if you want to buy a phone or anything else in store with the convenience of paying it interest-free later.
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I agree, get rid of the Ace!
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Yeah the Ace is out the door. It can't last much longer with stuff like the 610 and One V now available. If you guys can reduce phones like the Galaxy S II X to more affordable levels (unlike iPhones), consider adding stuff like the One S, Optimus LTE, or Galaxy S3 in the future? It would be nice. Entry level is great and all, but high end is a good investment on Koodo.
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Hey Everyone; I understand where you are coming from. One thing to keep in mind is our target audience which is the mass market. A lot of people don't want a higher end phone or can't afford one. Some just want a simple touch screen phone. So we have to pick and choose which phones will be affordable for our customers. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a pretty expensive phone. Where as the Galaxy SII isn't as expensive but is still a bit of a higher end phone when compared to the Galaxy Ace or the LG Optimus One. There may be some voices here that want us to carry the S3 & other higher end devices but the vast majority of our customers may not want the S3 or may not be able to afford it. It makes very little sense to carry a phone that customers may not be able to afford to buy. The IPhone 5 is a bit of a different story however. If you truly want to have a phone like the S3, I highly recommend buying it unlocked and bringing it over to us. Keep in mind, we will always try to bring in decent quality phones. I hope this sheds a bit of light into why I we carry the phones that we have 🙂.