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  • 20 December 2018
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My old Moto G has finally worn out, and I'm looking to replace it with something in a similar price range. I see a couple LG models (meh) and the Galaxy J3 (not impressed), but that's it? What happened to Motorola? I think I saw your parent company (Telus) carrying them awhile back, but now nothing? Why is the Moto G6 - a phone reviewers all seem to think is one of the best for the money this year - not available like it used to be? Most of your models are in the $700-1200 range. Isn't Koodo supposed to be an affordable alternative to the big guys? I think you've lost touch with your customer demographic.

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4 replies

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Have you checked the price recently? or you are a prepaid customer? If you are looking to buy a phone on a BYOD plan then you can buy phone from Amazon or many other stores.

Koodo Postpaid customer can buy various phone at competitive price. Many of them are $0 at Tab Medium and Tab Small ($360 or $240) I am not sure why you are mentioning $700-1200 with a carrier?

Right now you could get the iphone 6s plus $0 on Tab medium or Samsung A8. LG G6 is $0 on Tab Small ($240).. there are many other options https://www.koodomobile.com/phones?INTCMP=KMNew_NavMenu_Shop_Phones#all_phones
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Isn't Koodo supposed to be an affordable alternative to the big guys?

They are an affordable alternative to the big guys. Just because they don't list the phone you want doesn't mean they aren't. Look harder for other deals. If you don't find what you want, you can go to another carrier that has what you want.
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They have a bit of a black hole in the lower to middle range phones in the list. However, there's often deals that put the 600-1000 dollar phones at significant discounts, as Dinh showed. You can also grab a p20 for 360. So I think that partially makes up for it though I too would like to see more solid middle range phones in the lineup. Wait for boxing day.
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Motorola's mobile business was sold to Google and then eventually to Lenovo a number of years ago. Google ended up pushing its own Pixel brand and Lenovo has never been very strong in Canada. Compared to the good old days when phones were phones and judged on their reception and build quality, the brand has certainly suffered from lack of attention.

I looked at buying a Motorola a few years ago and the Canadian pricing was way out of line compared to US offerings.