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More active on other social medias

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I know Koodo puts a lot of time into their Facebook page & Community Forums & I applaud them for it as they seem to be doing far more than the other Canadian carriers are, however, I think they should also be more active on their Twitter & Google+ pages. Twitter really doesn't need much time, if they don't want to share news or answer questions there that's fine, but perhaps use Twitter simply for El Tabador to tweet the occasional one-liner or something. As for Google+, that could be used simply for announcing things the way they do on Facebook, so there too they wouldn;t need to answer questions on a day-to-day basis, just post news (like they do on Facebook) and answer only questions about said news.

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I think Twitter would be cool for El Tabador one-liners and announcements. Like when Koodo offers new phones/plans it would give people a nice quick heads-up! Cool idea for sure!
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Yeah! I'd sign up on Twitter JUST to get El Tabador's one-liners.
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I like the idea of having a Google + account for sure as many ppl seem to be ditching Facebook in favor of Google +. - KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)
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Thanks for sharing this with us everyone. Just out of curiosity, what would entice you to visit Google+ over Facebook?