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mommy and daddy to be phones

the pager company in my town gives pagers to soon to be parents in the last 2 months of the preg. to keep in contackt incase of emerg. If Koodo did this with cell's i think it would be great.

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Although that sounds like a good idea, it's highly unpracticle and most likely impossible to carry out. Remember that your pager company is only in your town... And let me stress the fact you said "town", not "city". Koodo is a national company, implementing a program like this would cost millions out of Koodo's own pocket.
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Tis is a 'Good idea" Shana if we were living in a "Wonderful World", I would like also my girl friend, if she gets pregnant to get everything free for 2 months including phones may be free bus pass etc.. she will save 2 months salary to buy stuff for the baby, companies only look at this in a different way .. making more and more profit, they will ask you to turn to the Government to ask for help...
This is a cool idea but I don't think that Koodo would want to spend the money on thousands of pagers for their new customers. In a small town, I could see that it wouldn't be a problem, but in a city I really think it would be unpracticle.