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Mobile-Dollar Koodo as a company should adopt Mobile-Dollar. Its a money transfer service through mobile phones. Koodo clients can be able to use this to transfer money to each other for payment of services or purchase of goods. If any of the Koodo executives are interested in learning more about the idea....they should look up a company called Safaricom - Based in Kenya, East Africa. Its also a mobile service provider which has a service called M-Pesa. This service allows one to transfer monies through an sms which gets deposited in ones own mobile account. This can be redeemed at various outlets. The mobile account can also be topped up at these outlets. If such a service is a phenomenal success in a developing Country and its currently not available in the first world countries; Koodo...Be the first!

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This isn't dependent on the mobile phone company. It's dependent on the online service that uses mobile devices for billing. As for bill payments, you can pay via Credit Card or through your bank account(or western union)