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Minimum word count for questions and guidelines for asking questions.

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I find that a lot of people when asking questions on this forum are often vague and not descriptive enough to be able for us to offer proper, direct solutions for their issues. I find it would be helpful to have a minimum word count for asking questions in the more details section, this way when questions are being asked we can get a little more information. Something else that would be beneficial that could be easily implemented with this is a guidelines that can be displayed when people are asking questions. This can remind people to include things like the kind of phone they are using, the type of plan they are using (post-paid/pre-paid), tab size, etc. It is all information that is often overlooked by most people here for their first time asking questions and can help us help these people a lot quicker and more effectively. Just my opinion!

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A word count would just deter frustrated customers needing a simple answer. At least the Mobile Masters don't mind taking things slow with customers who have questions who don't necessarily provide all the information we may need first. For your second paragraph, every mobile master has suggested this at least once to Koodo. We talk about it often. It's not as easy as you think it is to implement as there are restrictions as to exactly what can and can't be done. Once Koodo is able to, you can certainly see them implementing something like that.