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maybee more cell protector choice

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If Koodo doesn't offer something you like to protect your cell, Try Kijiji or eBay. We were surprised to find not much offered for the Samsung Galaxy s2x until we realised it was also called the Hercules. Once we searched for that we found lots of cases (many under 10$). If you're having trouble finding one for your phone check to see if it maybe has a european nickname. I usually google search the model number and that will bring up a ton of information. Good Luck
It depends on what kind of phone you have. If you have an iPhone, I highly suggest the otterbox. It is expensive but you can drop your iPhone 329641293846 times and it will never break in that case. Any other phone, you can always find great cases online or even at malls/phone stores. Hope this helped! 🙂