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Match lower US roaming cost charged by "sister" company, Public Mobile

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Public Mobile, like Koodo, is owned by Telus.  Public Mobile is now offering much better value 10-day US roaming plans than Koodo.  You can buy US data without paying for texting and calls and the price is very good (eg. 250 mb for $10).     Second, for those who want a bundle of text, minutes and data, their comparable package is half the price of Koodo's!

My idea is that Koodo match the 10-day roaming rates as Public Mobile and offer the same flexibility to buy data only, so that people who use skype, FB messenging, etc., don't have to pay for minutes and texting they don't need to use.

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Koodo is not the do-it-yourself carrier that Public Mobile is. They did not match the current calls / text / 12 GB data  offer of PM, so it is likely that when they do announce an update to their roaming offerings it, too will differ.

AAANNNND, here are the rates for Koodo's program via RFD & iPhone in Canada
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Thanks for replying, David.  While I'm happy that prepaid Koodo customers now have US roaming, it seems unfair that postpaid customers must pay 2Xs as much for US roaming  as their prepaid counterpoints. Stay tuned for my new (revised) idea!