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Mascot t-shirts?!

  • 1 November 2012
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I know someone who llikes your mascot and I would like to give them a t-shirt with a picture of him on it... what do you have available ??? Thanks!

4 replies

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I do not think that we have any T-Shirts, but I do know that there are figurines of El Tabador. The best thing to do is call a koodo store or retail store that provides koodo in your area (you can check this under store locator at koodomobile.com).
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I'd also love to see shirts made up and I think, Koodo would do very well selling them and possibly using them as promo item, Marketing needs to get on this. - KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)
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Hi Lisa, we don’t have T-shirts but it’s a good suggestion! I transferred your post in the Ideas section 🙂 El Tabador would look good on Tees 😉
I already ask koodo for if we can have t-shirt of El Tabador and they said no 😞