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Make Koodo Phones Fun Phones

People used to find cell phones fun, and novel. Now, mostly, they are just a drag - people are constantly confused by how to get the best deal, they don't always understand the terms, it's confusing, and it can take a lot of time to sort it all out. People are frustrated by how time-consuming it is to figure everything out - especially those who have never had a cell before, or those who don't have much experience with cells. And even for those who have a a cell for years, really, it's a drag! Really takes the excitement out of it, the endless research, the comparing of plans, the sometimes hidden fees, etc. I think fun need to be brought back to cell phones! Make Koodo fun! People would fall in love with an advertising campaign that focused on the fun aspects of Koodo!

Part of the fun of cell phones is not having to do a ton of research, and of having the plans and rates laid out in clear, easy-for-anyone-to-understand terms. Clarity is very important, and so are simple, easy-to-understand explanations. A revamping of the website, and a re-writing of terms, fees, etc., would really bring ease, clarily, and fun back to owning a cell!

On top of ease and clarity, how about bringing that sense of fun into Koodo ad campaigns? A little creativity goes a long way. Be the brand that is all for fun! Commercials, and ads, in bright, lovely colours, showing the ease and fun of Kodoo, would really sway people over to Koodo. I mean, lets be honest, people are just fed up with something that is supposed to be fun - and make their life easier! - not being fun, and taking up too much time, and complicating their lives. People complain about cell phone difficulty, lack of clarity, and confusing fees, all the time.

So bring so spring into your step! Make it fun! Make it clear, easy-to-understand, and I am sure more people will be drawn to Koodoo, because, after all, isn't a cell supposed to be about fun and ease? 

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Yes, El Tabador is the most boring, monochromatic mascot ever...