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Make Bills Make Money!

This is an idea that would save both customers and koodo money in the long run. The principal is that if a customer consecutively pays a certain amount of bills on time and in full, they receive a certain amount as a bonus towards their next bill. I feel this is an incentive that would make a consumer more likely to be interested in signing up for Koodo mobile because from my knowledge there is no other company that offers an incentive like this and Everybody loves saving money. This idea would save Koodo money and time as well, resulting in fewer calls having been made to customers who are late on bills and fewer bills going into collections. This idea is a motivational idea for customers to be on time with paying for their bills putting more money in both the companies and customers pockets. As an example, say for every 3 bills that are payed on time and in full the customer receives a ten dollar Bonus towards the fourth bill. There is alot of advertisement potential on an idea like this that could easily peak a consumers interest or the interests of whole companies switching over to Koodo mobile for their employees in order to save money, which would mean more profit for Koodo with a higher customer rating and satisfaction level. This idea could very easily be implemented by Koodo simply announcing a start date for the promotion which would as well increase consumer excitement of the services they are receiving.

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