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Loyality + Koodo = FREEDOM!

  • 27 September 2014
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[b]$5000 Idea:

[i]"What happens when you add Loyalty + Koodo? You get Freedom!"

[b]Are you sick of scraping the snow off your car every morning? How would you like to wipe the sweat off your brow instead? Koodo is giving away all inclusive vacations to thank their customers! That's right! Christmas comes early this year when you get to choose your favorite person to take on a free vacation! Let Koodo thank you for your loyalty and treat you like royalty!

  • Offer a promo in the Winter...the month of Nov, once a week Dec-Feb, etc.
  • Customers get to enter to win a 7 day all inclusive vacation to Mexico (or elsewhere) for 2.
  • During 7 day vacation, Koodo bill is free (up to a certain $ amount) This way, customers can post their pictures of how much fun they are having to social media compliments of Koodo.
  • Promo is valid to Koodo customers who have been loyal for a minimum of 1 year. (Don't cut out those who have overdue bills or tabs, if anything, implement a rule that these have to paid in full before vacation)
The idea may not target new customers per say, but it will surely retain current customers which is just as an important. People who are not with Koodo will want to be in order to be treated like royalty.

2 replies

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Where do I sign up??????
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Okay, I'm all for some ideas to help loyalty, but this... is too much. I bet the monthly bills AND the Tab balances of most customers with Koodo after only one year don't even add up to the cost of such a vacation.