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Loyal Customer Rewards

I know there are a lot of customers who have been with Koodo for years and every time I see a promotion come up for new customers, there are always existing customers questioning it. To make everyone happy, there should be some sort of loyal customer rewards program. 

Maybe for every year you're with Koodo another 1% of your bill could go towards your tab.

Or for every month you're on time paying your bill, you could earn reward points which you can eventually redeem for cell phone accessories or Koodo Swag.

Once in a while there could be an existing customer promotion as well, discounted prices if you upgrade to a different cell phone,.gift cards if you upgrade, something along those lines.

Another idea to go along with paying your bill on time every month, you could earn a ballot each month and enter a monthly draw for various prizes. $5 tab credit,.gift cards, El Tabldor figurines etc.

Something to make all of the loyal customers happy, not that we aren't already.. because Koodo honestly rocks! 

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