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Long weekends/holidays should be included in evenings and weekends free

It would really great if Koodo could implement long weekends and holidays as part of their "unlimited weekends and evenings" plan. It makes it difficult to talk to family and friends on holidays because of this limitation. 

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I think part of the issue with that is that there can be different holidays recognized provincially.
True, but if they can have province-specific plans, I don't understand why this can't be implemented
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The more complicated something is, the more is costs. To have variable days province to province would be a lot more work to implement, and then at the end of the day it would just mean people are coming on here to complain that Manitoba gets this day off and the rest of Canada doesn't.
Well the fact that a province gets a day off and the others don't isn't something to complain about on a Koodo forum but to your provincial government.  If anything, can't they consider national holidays as a weekend? Canada Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc?  
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Hello VIP.

At some point, Koodo will want you to switch to another plan to have more minutes. I understand your suggestion and it would be a good idea, but what does Koodo have to gain from that? One or two happy customers? For this reason (it doesn't affect a lot of people), I think it isn't an idea Koodo will implement.

Wish you a nice day!
The fact that Koodo was the only provider that offered Canada-wide calling at no additional cost was the reason I signed up with them when I moved from Manitoba to Ontario. Now that's a common feature amongst cell-phone providers. I would've though that Koodo being ahead of the curve on that would also be considerate enough to having holidays as weekends. 
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Yeah, but Canada-Wide had a potential of attracting customers. Holidays as weekdays won't attract as many customers, except the ones that have 100-300 minutes plans. Why? Because what costs money nowadays aren't minutes, but data. This is why most of the people now have at least 1GB and this comes with unlimited minutes. Therefore, the questions remains the same, how many customers will it attract to Koodo? Plus, the people that it will attract will be the ones with low-end plans. This is not what Koodo wants. They want the big money!

When Canada-Wide came in, the potential to attract customers was very high because most of us, even in the same province have friends all over the place. At that time, paying for long distance from Montreal to Quebec was pretty expensive. 
So the cost of implementing holidays as weekends would cost more than what they're receiving as payment? That no profit would be made? 
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This is what I personally think. Maybe it's not true, but my opinion as of why it wouldn't be implemented would be at the above. I was just trying to explain it to you so you can understand and not say that Koodo is a unworthy company. I do not work for them so I have no idea if it would cost money. It's only hypothesis I made up on the spot trying to explain why it wouldn't be implemented.

My tip for you, is to wait for a price drop on plans and the switch for one that has more minutes. Personally, I pay 34$ for unlimited minutes and 1GB of data, but I'm living in QC so maybe you don't have that plan. Many reasons may keep you from switching to another plan, but be alert when there's deals on plans. My plans was usually 40$ then it dropped to 34$ so I jumped on the occasion, saving me 6$/month