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Local Numbers for the NWT?

Are there plans in the works to make local numbers available for the northwest territories (Yellowknife)? I'd like to go with Koodo, but I want a local number

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That will be a difficult question to answer as no one here would have access to that information as far as I know. If they did, I'm pretty sure they would not be able to reveal it right now. It does show there is service there, but as for local numbers, hard to say for sure. The only way to know for sure is going to a Koodo shop or authorized dealer and try.
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If you already have a local number, check this tool to see if it is eligible to be port into Koodo https://secure.koodomobile.com/checktransfereligibilityparrot/default.do?lang=en&appname=otherportal From what I know, I have never seen a local number from NWT, and most of the time clients I have spoken to in that area or Yukon, decide for a BC number...
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867-688 is the only exchange that shows local for Yellowknife for Telus and would also be used for Koodo, however, under Koodo's site for select region, NWT is not shown, so doesn't look like you can get a fresh number fresh plan with this exchange from Koodo, as they are not marketing in this region. Bell Mobility has quite a few exchanges in Yellowknife, and their Virgin brand does market there and have similar plans as Koodo, so you may want to try them if all else fails. Just to add, the unlimited offers aren't valid for NWT it seems (on Virgin anyway), and since Koodo doesn't offer in NWT, you may want to get an out-of-province plan with number, and get an unlimited VOIP or other number for Yellowknife and forward that number to your out-of-province number so people can call you local. They'll still have to text direct to your non-NWT number however, but since there's no long distance for texting, this shouldn't be a problem.
Just ported my Bell Mobility number from Yellowknife onto Koodo, so it works. My Koodo phone is 867-765-xxxx. Just talked to my wife on it. They can't assign new numbers and if you buy a phone online you can't get it shipped to NT (so ship it to a friend in AB and have them forward it to you), but if you have an existing phone and number, and you want to change to Koodo, go for it.