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  • 31 July 2020
  • 5 replies

Here’s an idea… why don’t you provide a phone number so I can talk to a live rep. 

5 replies

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@Guido  You can schedule a call  via Koodo Assist.  This way you will never be on hold! Super easy to set up and most customer seem to prefer this approach. 

Its impossible to schedule a callback because it tells me everyday that all slots are full and redirects me to self serve and then to virtual assistant.   It is not a better system.. it sucks.  I want a phone number I can call to discuss the issues I'm having which cannot be solved by virtual assistant.  I believe my phone has been hacked and I am quickly getting tired of this run around. As I'm not tied to any contract anymore I will move my business to a provider I can reach via a phone number to live agents. 

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@Guido Today indeed we have unexpectedly high volume, that we weren’t quite prepared for. An alternative possibility is to reach out to us via private message on Facebook where we can authenticate your account. This is a public forum so can’t really share specific info relating to your account. Is there something specific that suggest to you that your phone was hacked? Is it to do with some unknown calls your phone seemingly being slower?

As this is a public forum I will not give the specifics of why I think my phone was hacked.  I also think that Koodo is throttling my phone as it is noticeably slower since i refused a new phone and account change and it keeps getting slower.

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@Guido I can guarantee you Koodo is NOT throttling your phone service.