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Koodo Phone Protection Plan for iPhone

  • 3 March 2019
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While Koodo offers their Phone Protection Plan for all devices purchased through Koodo EXCEPT the iPhone, I think Koodo (and Telus for that matter) should follow the lead of other mobile phone carriers like Rogers/Fido and Bell by allowing iPhone devices to enrol in their device protection plans. What gives? My main concern is that AppleCare+ is only for 2 years, and this is the only option we are provided for device protection as a Koodo customer with an iPhone.

5 replies

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If you intend to keep it for over 2 years I guess? But then youre spending 9-14 dollars a month indefinitely. After 3 years, you're spending 350-500 dollars. Plus deductibles/fees. Repairs would almost assurddly cost less out of pocket. At some point, peace of mind stops being a potentially logical thing.
I appreciate your feedback. First, I already have AppleCare+ so that protects me for 2 years. Second, I was not considering indefinitely, but perhaps for another 1-2 years. Third, my iPhone XS Max (512GB) cost $2000 plus taxes. Paying approximately $10/month for a device protection plan and any potential replacement fees would be much less expensive in comparison to spending another $2000+taxes for a new iPhone for the duration of another 1-2 years, and less expensive than buying an out-of-warranty remanufactured iPhone from Apple. In my experience, I almost never had repairs done to my phone. They have typically been unrepairable and have needing replacing.

As an aside, I recently found out one of my two credit cards has purchase protection. If I had known that at the time of purchase of my iPhone, I would have purchased it under that credit card 😕
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Well that changes things a bit. Applecare for the max us 14 a month. I have no idea what Koodo would charge if they extended it past the two years of applecare+ into asurion or if they would just continue the same fee of 9 per month. It is going to be refurbished of similar condition and there have been rare instances of getting an entirely different model that was considered "equivalent ." It is for those reasons I tend to tell people to avoid extended warranties. But for a 2000 dollar phone purchase, I'd be inclined to also pay for extended warranty.

True but you normally have to pay the full price on the card to get that extended purchase protection. Which I'm guessing that you did? Koodo doesn't carry the 512gb variant and there is no outright purchase option atm for the Xs Max. This whole conversation would be moot then because Koodo only provides the warranty for phones purchased from Koodo.
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And in terms of sales, if Koodo decided to have the koodo protection plan for apple devices theyd either have to
a) Keep apple care and sell both or
b) Get rid of apple care and just sell their protection

If they sold both it would be a hard sell to convince one to go with one over the other and as well would bring some confusion into things.
If they got rid of applecare i believe that customers would go without their warranty and purchase applecare afterwards as that is something they're familiar with.

Just some thoughts from a sales point of view
Goran, the conversation would be mute if my idea was solely in self-interest 🙂 I was pointing out my particulars solely to explain why my suggestion to offer/purchase device protection could be based on numbers rather than peace of mind. There are other iPhone users who have various iPhone models and storage sizes who could benefit from Koodo's Phone Protection Plan...

Sadly, I did not purchase the phone not that credit card as I didn't know about that benefit until last week when my laptop was stolen at a cafe. Thankfully that laptop was purchased using that credit card and I've submitted a claim and police report. But I digress.

Allan, thanks for sharing a sales perspective. Fido offers both AppleCare+ (both a lump sum 2-year protection and ongoing monthly payment options) AND Fido Device Protection Plans for their iPhone users. It could be interesting to find out what their experiences have been so far with offering both to their customers.