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  • 9 April 2019
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We are launching Hubnt, a platform for newcomers installation and integration which provides a wide range of centralized services. This platform takes the form of a social network that aims to encourage the communication, the initiative and the mutual aid of our users.

One of the first steps when a newcomers comes in Canada is choosing a telephone company.

We believe that Koodo could benefit from our marketing efforts to attract new users by posting your telecommunication services on our platform. We believe Koodo is a mobile phone company that can bring alot of value to our users

- We currently have a user base of 2000 people waiting for the product
- We launch the first version of the platform mid-April
- We are in discussion with others mobile phone company
- There’s 500,000 newcomer per year in Canada

We believe that our platform can bring you alot of new customers in a niche market and bring value to KoodoMobile.

I'm asking if someone is able to refer me to the marketing team or business developpment team.

Wish you a great day !

2 replies

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@jordanmathieu Can you pls share a link to your site? Or leave a contact info.
Hi @Bernard Koodo, currently we have a launching page where new customer sing up at this adress https://hubnt.com/welcome
We are launching the full site in the end of april.

My contact info:
Jordan Mathieu
# 14186378501

Thank you for your help, if you any further questions let me know.