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Koodo Customer Points Card (KPC)

            My Big Koodo Brainstorm idea is something I feel every Koodo member could benefit from and something I particularly would love to see as the winning idea in this contest. A “Koodo Community Points Card” is an idea I have based on a student points card I receive which helps me in different areas of my life, from discounts, to redeemable points and transferability options. I use my points card alongside most transactions, and I go out of my way to use the participating stores to maximize the use and benefit of my points card. The “KPC” would work as follows. A Koodo Community member can sign up online/at a kiosk or in store to receive the point’s card through the mail in 2-4 weeks and there be a points award for signing up as an initiative to get started. The card can be activated through your community account on Koodomobile.com and ready to use in stores that very day. With the “KPC” card would come a list of participating stores and offers that can provide rewards, discounts, redeemable in store/online points and exclusive offers for members who actively use their point’s card. For example, swiping the KPC card in a participating store on purchases will reward the points card with coinciding rewards, and these points can accumulate, be transferred to your phone account/tab, redeemable for products or discounts in store/online Koodomobile.com included.
The benefit would be not only to the loyal Koodo customers, but to the participating stores and Koodo itself as I imagine students in particular would be very interested in an offer that they are already familiar with, and that new users would find exceptionally beneficial. As someone who travels, the point’s card would be available to use Canada wide to coincide with the amazing Canada wide calling Koodo is so well known for. Being a Canada wide friendly card would be beneficial for those who travel or relocate for school so that they can simply use the card without having to change much other than an address etc. which can be done online, simply and easily.
The Koodo Community Card will be designed with Koodo colors and emblem and feature the tap and chip options for quick convenience in stores, and for the continued ease of service Koodo is known to provide its customers. The card will be wallet sized but also feature a key ring tap card to even lessen the bulk which can accumulate in our wallets! The Koodo card can feature student exclusives; loyal customer perks and contests much like The Big Koodo Brainstorm contest.
I feel Koodo Mobile is such a great service that people who are clever enough to use it should be rewarded for their choice to use the best and most hassle free provider out there, and those who use Koodo, know what I mean, and those who don't,  are probably paying too much for their cell phone!
Koodo Community Points Card all the way! 

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