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Keep us EXISTING customers happy! :)

  • 21 November 2012
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They should encourage current customers to try new services as the incentive. If you have been...Koodo doesn't do discounts or retention plans but I understand where you're coming from...
I have been watching the BIG 3 companies and looking into all they offer...There is No way in heck "They"  can compete with all Koodo does as of today. I'll stay with Koodo as long as the terms and conditions I signed up for stay the same...as far as I can see...no whining here.
I do how ever agree that if I want to upgrade I should not have to pay in cash my small outstanding balance on my old phone I should be able to run it into my new one..Now that is an incentive.
you can always call customer service and ask nicely that you've been a koodo customer for a long time and that your thinking of switching to a different company. Sometimes the reps will give a free $50 credit on your tab to be able to buy another phone at a discount. I've done this last week to buy a Iphone 5C. Got $50 off for free. And the store gave me free accessories as a loyal customer
I completely agree with Kailie on this. Giving.gift cards to an existing customer who is upgrading definitely does keep existing customers happy and provide them a sense of belonging.
I agree, existing customer should get some kind of loyalty benefit. Otherwise if they got the better plan they will switch to other carrier. My suggestion Like discount on new tabs, monthly discount, more minutes or data. Especially if the user always paying his/her bill in time. AK
Now same thing is happening again, Koodo offering some phones only for new customers like Alcatel ONETOUCH Idol™️ , Free $100 bonus.gift when you buy at participating Koodo Shops or Retail partner locations. Only available with new activations on the Tab. While quantities last. Bonus.gift may vary by retail partner and Koodo Shops locations.
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I agree with this completely, I've had people completely switch providers and say to me that its because KOODO is more focused on getting new customers that they have lost touch with their existing customers and forget about them completely because they have them "locked in" (not in a contract sense, but because some people cannot afford to pay off their Tab), maybe if the customer has their phone for two years without upgrading they will have more incentive to stay if they were offered some sort of "anniversary".gift or thank you, or even maybe at one year. Who knows.
I agree. New customer only incentives make me immediately look at other companies offers to compare. Looking at upgrading my phone soon, and have been with koodo for almost three years. While I'm happy with them in general, the fact that they offer up to $150 to new customers but not loyal customers makes me wonder if switching isn't the best deal. I'll look what other companies have to offer before renewing
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Bigger brother Telus gives out coupons for services. and on the island over there gives out discounts at H&M and other retailers. I would love to see Koodo doing something like that. Something as simple as a coupon per invoice for something completely unrelated to cell phones will definitely very happy. At least it will make me feel like "I got this because I'm with Koodo"