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If Koodo where to connect with a third party app developer, such as the android and iOS support app Text Me http://go-text.me, which gives you a real phone number for free and unlimited incoming calls, free incoming and outgoing texts and free voicemail. Koodo could offer low cost Data Only plans that would allow people to use the apps, that require Internet to function, for free world wide texting and calling. There could be a deal struck to join the Koodo community and engage as a way to earn points to purchase outgoing calls. Koodo could also invest resources to create their own app for this function, but they could pilot this with an existing app to make sure the idea is viable. This would allow for a low cost alternative option for people and would require almost no creation of product to get started. Promotion for this could be quite easy, the beta test for this could be a contest itself where people could use their existing phones and beta test the new plan, knowing they could get their old plan back, even if it is not longer available. This could be advertised as Data Only plans, maybe even use the Trio Song -Da Da Da in the ads.

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