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My idea is for a pop-out screen on the side of the phone that will provide an enlarged picture of what you're seeing on the screen. No one else seems to have that.  In these tough markets, to get new customers you need to be innovative and a phone watch doesn't cut it in my book.  Let's look at what others aren't doing and go there. Another idea is a projected keyboard that is larger and easier to text on.  Those with large fingers will thank you. Another idea is a loop on the top of the phone for a clip that can be clipped onto a belt buckle, etc. so the phone doesn't get dropped so much. Another idea is to include US calling with the Canada-wide calling bundle....that would be different and so many people have friends in the US. A larger megapixel camera in the phone would be awesome as well.  Right now with the late teen, early 20's crowd, polaroid cameras are once again popular.  You could make a phone version having the option of an attachment to print pictures off of the phone onto photo paper. There are so many things that can be done to separate yourself from the herd of other providers. Let the Koodo man be courageous and go where others are not roaming!!

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