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I want free roaming texts message in the USA like Koodo used to have before

I wish Koodo continued their free text messages in USA like in the past instead of start charging for roaming minutes for texts now.

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Hey there! Allot of people would like this. But just think how much. More expensive it is for koodo to pay the service providers down in the states to give free texting to everyone
Sad State of affairs...lmao...never mind the pun. Education, Communication, Energy, and Health Care...need to be given to the willing to participate in the social systems!

There was a lot of misconceptions with this. When Koodo had CDMA phones, there was an issue with the billing and the charging of the roaming texting charges(as in, they weren't there). For whatever reason the system was not processing them. It wasn't until the switch over to HSPA phones that the roaming texts were being charged correctly. Roaming texts were always meant to be charged from day 1, but something with the CDMA network prevented the charges from being applied.
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I don't expect Koodo to provide free texting when I'm roaming, but it would be nice if all incoming texts were free (like with Wind, for example). I have a choice in rejecting a call when I'm roaming, but I have no choice in rejecting a text.
What phone do you have? I know on my phone there is an option for auto retrieving messages while roaming (or not retrieving them so you are not charged).
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Koodo got rid of it because there was no real interest.
Free US texts would just mean higher costs downloaded to those not travelling outside Canada with their cellphones. I'll take the cheaper plans over free US texting.