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I am neutral to the tab system change but...

  • 29 August 2019
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Koodo finally shuts down the old tab system. I am totally okay with that, or even happy since those greedy guys will never ever abuse it to affect us normal subscribers.

However, I would like to see other changes along with the new tab agreement since Koodo is no longer subsidizing devices.

  1. Bonus gift offers available to existing customers for renewal/upgrade.
  2. All tab options available to all devices.
Then we can say it is a fair change to the new tab agreement.

2 replies

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Fair? 🤣 It reminded me of the false propaganda Fair for Canada by ROBELUS. They have a different meaning for that word.

The "fair" and most appropriate thing to do would be to implement your 2 things there as a starting point, to stay competitive with other flanker brands and Freedom they should give a hardware upgrade credit equal or greater to the phone credit penalty owed due to "early termination".

I'm honestly fed up with these idiots first lowering our tab eligibility, secondly treating existing customers like crap since we are not new customers, third messing with activation credits with COMPLETE disgard to those use it as advertised initially, furthermore not having a backup plan for when all this crap hits the fan. Yeah Koodo can for sure pound some sand.

They are getting another CCTS complaint from me for this recent issue and I for damn sure hope more people follow me on that road. The system is too extreme and hope Koodo gets what comes to them