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Home phone?

Fido has done it first! $10 for fido customers! I hope koodo will follow soon, so i can get ride of my land line that is to costly. As long as it use celler not internet. Internet phones are good but have a delay.Lets hope for the best!

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I would love Koodo to have this. My dad's with Fido so we just added the home phone to his account and saved a bunch of money per month. You can also add 5,000 U.S minutes for $10 and $2 for call forwarding, conference calling, and call waiting. Plus they even have international packages available for China, India, etc. There is an issue with this system though: doesn't support extra peripherals like faxes. I know it's a dying tech but my mom's really old school and still uses it from time to time for certain doctors' offices that just don't accommodate scan and e-mail, which is like the same friggin thing only 100 times faster!