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Hire somebody!

  • 4 September 2021
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Koodo needs a HUMAN when specific questions are not answered by "virtual assistant"!
Mine is not the only complaint, according to "Koodo Community", about needing to TALK to someone who can answer questions.
I know employees are expensive, but so are your phones.

4 replies

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If the virtual assistant can't answer your questions it should prompt you to get a callback from a rep.

Is there something that we can help you out with here?

Well… thanks Allan.

I got charged for a roaming call, and never left the country.

I live on southern Vancouver Island, and my phone must have thought we went into the US. (Can’t do that easily from there). I understand it happens in southern Ontario as well, when the borders dip beneath the 49th...Also, unnecessary travel is still not allowed to the US

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Hi @whatcudithurt 


Have you managed to schedule a call back with the virtual assist?


If you didn’t, feel free to send us a message over FB or Twitter, so one of our reps can look into it.

No, Flo, will try...