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Higlighting the answer for Answered questions

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I'm sure this is likely a get satisfaction suggestion but when a question get answered it would be great if the post that answered it was marked as such in some way. As currently there is way to look at a thread to find out what the correct answer was

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Hi Boolanger, let me paraphrase your idea, so you wanted to find out what's the correct answer for an answered question?, you also suggested that "the post that answered it should mark it as such", when you refeer to "the post" do you mean the poster, or the post, because I find that anyone can mark posts as answered but it's not really the good answers, proof is that original poster is still posting for more help on already answered question!
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Interesting idea, but hard to implement, since answers are often an amalgamation of several different posts. Might be more useful to be able to flag suggestions that are completely wrong.