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Many parents joined the Koodo Community because their children needed a phone.  I am one such parent.  Koodo’s flexible plans at the right price point hooked me in.  I have been looking at getting a phone for myself, but the current plans are not quite right.  To get the same phone I got my daughter, I would pay more for less air time.   I regret not signing up for two phones at that time. 
Help me, and others like me.  Ask me if I am happy with the phone and the plan I currently have.  Ask me if I would like the same for another member of my family.  Of course, I understand I missed the boat earlier by not signing up for two phones, and I am willing to pay a reasonable “penalty”.
Consider two situations:
1)  I have phone A at $25/mth for 200min, and I get 2nd phone B at $30/mth for 100min
2)  I have phone A at $25/mth for 200min, and I pay a penalty of, say, $100 to get a 2nd phone B also at $25/mth for 200min
In the first situation, every time I see my bill, I will feel bad about how I got a good deal for phone A, but not for phone B.  In the second situation, after a couple of bills, I will have forgotten about the penalty, and I will feel great about getting a good deal on both phones.
Contact me directly.  Don’t make me keep checking the website for what I want.  You already have my business.  You already have my attention with the monthly email bill.  Make me an offer that I won’t say no to.   I will be happy, and the Koodo family with grow.

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I really like your second option. Having access to promotional plan for family members on the same account even if I had to pay a fee seems fair. You got my vote! 🙂