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Grace Period

Koodo mobile provides plans with very reasonable data usage limits, and I'm certainly very happy with mine since it almost always covers my data needs in a month. Every now again, though, I get very close to my limit and it has happened, on occasion, that I've gone over by an insignificant amount (under 20 mb). When you go over your limit you are charged an additional $5/250 mb, but what if you only go over by a bit near the end of the month?

It would be nice if Koodo could include a caveat or a "grace period" that if you went over, but over under a certain amount, then you wouldn't incur the $5 in overage charges. To couple with this initiative, in addition to the texts you get when you've used 75% and 95% of your allotted data, they could add one for when you've used 100% of it. If you wanted to go over and use more data, you can go ahead, but if you wanted to try to stick within your limits this could help you.

You know Koodo cares about its customers and this would be another way they could show that they do.

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