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Give a Mobile Master the ability to direct a question directly to a Customer Service Rep

  • 3 January 2017
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Koodo should consider giving a MOBILE MASTER the ability to direct a deserving question directly to CSrep.

In doing so Koodo would ensure a MOBILE MASTER has pre-scanned the question/problem and the MOBILE MASTER has determined the problem does indeed need to be looked at by a CSrep.

If anyone could direct a question to a CSrep then the reps would be swamped with questions.
But restricting that ability to MOBILE MASTERS, then only deserving questions would get a CSrep's  immediate attention or at least added in list of queued questions that CSreps select from.  

Sort of like allowing MOBILE MASTERs to act as forum moderators and allow them to direct questions to the right persons.

Just food for thought

4 replies

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We already do this.
If that is the case.. then I wonder why a mobile master suggest that I open a twitter account to resolve the problem with a CSR... this was after a mobile master indicated that only a CSR could resolve my problem with a data block add-on and I had to call KOODO or use Facebook or twitter... I told them I don't do facebook or twitter....
The mobile master should have said they directed the problem and my question to a CSR.
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The suggestion from whichever Mobile Master was the correct one Steve. In order to make changes by a rep to your account it needs to be authenticated for security purposes. That is not done on this here. This is predominantly a public run forum. The occasional contact with Mobile Masters are typically about cases when they sense there is something might be broken with a page on our site or something like that. We do not want to create a false sense of expectation for customers that Mobile Masters are an alternate way to get to a rep of ours and they have queued you up for an answer. So, Ivan above is correct, but I wanted to qualify what he might have meant for clarity. And indeed Facebok is the best alternative to calling. 
Thanks Bernard... but unlike popular belief not every one does facebook or twitter... so neither is an option for me. I tried the selfserve.... but that did not resolve the issue.
wish there was an alternative to facebook or twitter or waiting on the phone.
The next day I got talking to a CSR after waiting about 20 minutes... resolved the problem with the data block and with the new plan change not showing 1GB + 2GB data..