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Giftcards are available for everyone!

  • 27 November 2012
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I know that it is important to attract more customers and I believe that the.giftcard promotions do a great job doing that. But I also believe that these.giftcard promotions should not be only available for new activations but available for existing customers that are wanting to upgrade as well. If.giftcards will available for everyone, more and more existing customers would want to upgrade their phones more frequently. Also, it's nice to attract new customers but it would also be nice to appreciate the existing customers as well too! Since Christmas is coming and many people will be purchasing phones as.gifts, it would be nice if the.giftcards were available for everyone so more people would be encouraged to upgrade their phones for themselves and their loved ones. (Or we may have to use the loophole method... *ahem* second line)

3 replies

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Hear hear!
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There would have to be certain requirements for people wanting to upgrade because for example, if someone bought the phone outright to use on their account, that's not really upgrading. Some requirement (for example) should be that the customer would have to put the phone on the tab, with at least -$100 tab after using the tab and the original tab must at least be half way paid off before 'upgrading' (SO customers who have a -$149 tab don't put $1 on tab and pay for the phone outright basically). Just some off the top of my head.
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It would be great to get the.gift card promos that get offered, but I don't see it happening. Koodos prices on phone are already pretty cheap if they were giving 50-100$ off on each sale(most would wait for a promo to upgrade) then it wouldn't get them to far. What they could do for existing customer that upgrade is to offer them a boost on their tab earning %. So buy a new phone and get a extra 10% tab credit for 3 months. Or maybe do tiers for phones buy a Iphone or Galaxy get 15% extra, buy a Ace or Lumia get extra 10% and a feature phone 5% for 3 months. That way Koodo doesn't break the bank and existing customers get something as well.