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Get sort of free Visual Mail via google voice on any phone!

So, as some of you know, I've been screwing around trying to find the best option for visual mail on the Koodo Network. There's lots of third party services out there, but some charge 30bucks a month just to transcribe 40 messages, which seems a little excessive to me. After all the looking around, Google Voice seems to be the way to go. The service is free, has visual voice mail that you can forward your phone to, plus free calling to any phone in North America. Can't really go wrong with that. Problem is, you have to do a bit of screwing around to get the account, since its technically only offered to US residents. Anyway, I've found a way around this, and put together a little guide on how to do it @ www.jughound.com/vv/ . If you're going to use it for voicemail, I'd recommend having the $2 LD saving add on, as well as the $3 call forwarding add on. I've estimated the total costs of using voice mail like this will cost the average user $3 or less per month. So $5 in addons + $3max for long distance= $8 average cost for Visual voicemail per month. Even if you don't want the visual voice mail, it's worth getting the Google Voice account. I mean %100 free to send/receive text/calls from anywhere in North America from your web browser? Why wouldn't you want that?

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Interesting. I use to use YouMail with Koodo's 3$ Call Forwarding Add-on. When in the US I pop in a T-Mobile SIM & get it through Google Voice. Sucks it's only for Americans though. Oh, and "jughound"? LoL, Nice!
John Burke wrote:

Interesting. I use to use YouMail with Koodo's 3$ Call Forwarding Add-on. When in the US I po...

Yeah, I was initially going to go with youmail myself, and while it's pricing is some of the better out there, you still have to pay at the lowest 9.99/ year (to get that dedicated number), + 4.99/year for just 20 messages. Plus that's only 20 secs transcribed in the base package. Yeah, supposedly the whole 911 system is why google is staying out of Canada, and for that matter, Skype as well.
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Again, Great sleuthing Aaron 🙂
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Definetly a great work around Aaron! Thanks for sharing 🙂