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Get some phones Koodo!

  • 24 October 2012
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Koodo Mobile is really my favourite cell phone carrier but recently I've noticed something else. I thought, "Man. No other company can beat Koodo!" but then I stumbled upon this. Virgin Mobile has currently updated their promotional plans to the exact same ones as Koodo Mobile's. This got me interested. I decided to quickly compare between the 2 companies and I have came to a conclusion that Virgin Mobile seems like the better one. Koodo Mobile and Virgin Mobile basically have the exact same plans except Virgin having more options (different smartphones plans) and the option of Caller ID&Voicemail or Unlimited texts/bbm. Their coverage maps are pretty much identical so both teams win here as well. The both have the tab system, which means they are both getting rid of dirty 3 year contracts, they both waive the activation fee, 911 emergency fee, and other fees as well. They also both have Canada-wide! But the main deciding factor is the phone line-up. Virgin Mobile beats Koodo with their phone line-up. I have noticed that Koodo does reduce the price of their phones but having more options on the device that you want is better in my opinion than possibly a small price difference. I would love to stay with Koodo, especially with their great customer service I experienced and their service but once I decide that I want a new phone, Virgin is able to offer it. Many of you might say, "Well you can buy it and then unlock it and bring it to Koodo!" In many people's eyes, buying the phone outright and then having to unlock it and bring it to a carrier isn't ideal. I'd much rather have a small portion go on the tab, receiving the chance to get a discounted price than the full one. I understand that Koodo Mobile can't announce on what phones are going to be available and I should look at the Facebook page, but this is just a heads-up. If you are going to compete with Virgin Mobile as your rival, you're going to have to step up. Best of luck Koodo.

5 replies

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Or get a Nexus device - it comes unlocked.
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For some people (myself included), having BOTH CallerID AND Unlimited texts included in the price is what edges Koodo out over Virgin. In fact, that's what made the difference for me cos I was bringing my own phone over. Mind you, the "edge" is a narrow sliver at only $5-$10 difference a month. 😞, so it would be nice for Koodo to offer at least one or two nicer (Android) phones on the Tab to kick Virgin's butt. And JB, dude, the point of the Tab is to get a nice phone (and have it pay itself off) for a lower price. Of course there is the argument "if you want the phone bad enough, just get it", but still as always, it'd be nice if Koodo could put something nice up for grabs rather than nothing at all, right? I will be thinking of upgrading soon, and I'm going to have to weigh both options. But if Koodo got on this hot phone suggestion, I would puke a rainbow! 😛
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For some people (myself included), having BOTH CallerID AND Unlimited texts included in the price...You can get Caller ID AND Unlimited texts included just like Koodo. Example: Koodo - $25 Canada-wide plan + $5 unlimited text add-on Virgin - $25 Canada-wide plan with the Caller ID and Voicemail chosen + $5 unlimited text add-on. The plans are identical.
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For some people (myself included), having BOTH CallerID AND Unlimited texts included in the price...You're right, the plans are identical now. When I was comparing "The Works" with Virgin, there was the difference, though
For some people (myself included), having BOTH CallerID AND Unlimited texts included in the price...What John doesn't understand is how Koodo picks and chooses their phones. With the exception of the Iphone the occasional slightly med-high Android phone, you are going to see entry lvl & lower-mid range cell phones. It's too much of a hit for Koodo to offer phones like the SIII or the Galaxy Note.