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free local calling on holidays and birthdays to keep intouch with friends and family

How about free local calling on your birthday, christmas, or any major holiday to keep intouch with your family and friends

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It's a nice idea, but how do you determine what holidays are considered? Christian Holidays? What about Jewish Holidays? With there being many religions it would be ridiculous to cover all of those holidays. I believe Koodo has it right by having holidays be regular days. It cuts down on confusion and potential angry customers.
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This is a good idea Candace, "canadian wireless phone providers" should meet and decide on this suggestion, why not, that will make all canadians very happy to make and receive free calls during birthdays, Xmas, or any major holiday, certainly Koodo will be the first to adhere to that .. for the moment it's only a Dream.
Again, how do you define what a major holiday is? Christimas? Ok, let's anger the Jewish community. This idea just isn't feasable from a PR stand point.
Your birthday would make sense though! I know Telus does (or at least did) do that before. Or, to solve the issue that Cast has pointed out, they could give you a certain amount of days that the consumer could designate as "holidays" themselves through self-serve instead of telling you what they consider holidays.