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Do not charge/use minutes for incoming calls. The charge on incoming calls is a disincentive to call people at all, as they now have your number and can call you. Giving out your mobile phone number to a third party effectively costs money - so you don't do it. All in all it drives people to use their mobile phones for texting and very little else. Removing the incoming costs not only incentivises people to give their numbers out to each other, but also to use their minutes between friends more freely, probably resulting in increased use. In most countries of the world charges for incoming calls are a thing of the fairly distant past. Koodo is already ahead of the game with pre-paid add-ons that don't expire, being the first company in Canada to do away with this nonsensical approach of charging call recipients will put the company at the head of what will become an inevitable trend.



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Hi Mark, Keep in mind that Koodo does offer Unlimited Incoming Calls, the only thing is its not included in their price plans. It used to be on the older plans that Koodo had, but they have since dropped it off of them. You can add it to your current plan for $10/month if you want. I do agree though it would be nice to see it available on certain plans again as it is a nice feature. Here's where to look for it (if you're not already aware): https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/add-ons/index.html Hope that helps 🙂
I guess that is my point, I can get them, but I have to either let them eat my pre-paid minutes or pay an additional fee. Ergo in neither case are they free, which was my idea. All incoming calls in Europe are free, and in most cases even the calls between European countries. You don't need an add on, or an extra part to your plan, and if you are prepaid you are not charged minutes or money for incoming calls. Given that the base price of both the plans and the prepaid is significantly cheaper than Canada, it seems this is something Canadian companies could easily offer, and almost certainly will do at some point in the future. I am pretty sure free incoming = more calls made, which would also benefit the companies.