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Free Accessory

  • 21 November 2012
  • 4 replies

When existing customers purchase a new phone, they should be offered one free accessory. Lika a case or screen protector. That would definately sweeten the deal!!

4 replies

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Good suggestion, hope that Koodo will take this in account for existing customers, it'll be a nice gesture to his cusomers
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Gift cards = Use that to get accessories?
Gift cards = Use that to get accessories?I've been with Koodo for 5-6 years now and never have I got a.gift card on a new phone!! As far as I know its not offered to existing customers but I stand to be corrected, so I absolutely agree with Kristy that a free protective case would be a nice gesture.
That would be wonderful. I would also like to see Koodo provide more accessories for the iPhone when you order it, like an extra charger or even some free screen protectors or a case.