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Family Pool Share plans & Small Business on Koodo

I would like your support on this IDEA.

BELL, ROGERS and TELUS all offer $90 Unlimited Talk & Text group plans with pooled share plans for $60 per add on.  This increase ($5 per month) happened with the demise of WIND and Mobilicity in recent news. Not only with the big 3 but with Koodo, Virgin and Fido/Chattr.  Their prices are all same and they seem to not compete by raising prices.  They are not fighting for business with competitive plans like the US where recently Sprint in their war with T-Mobile are forcing 20%-25% price drop not only on their plans but to the big Verizon's and AT&T's, who will follow suit.  Unfortunately, WIND and Mobilicity don't seem to be able to do that in Canada as they cannot compete due to lack of coverage like the big 3 and their fighting consumer brands (Koodo, Virgin and Fido) in Canada.

I would like to see Koodo (fighting brand of TELUS) and hope fully other fighting brands like Fido (Rogers) and Virgin (BELL) offer a more competitive plans for the budget conscious family and small businesses.
IDEAS for Koodo can be like this:
1) First user must have regular Unlimited Talk & Text ($60) or Unlimited Talk & Text with 2GB ($70) plan.
2) 2nd, 3rd, .... limited to 5th user has option to
a) Gets $150 off new phone and pays $25/month to share on first person's plan.
b) Can purchase new Koodo plan with discount of 10%-1st, 15%-2nd, 20%-3rd, 25% 4th and 5th members of the group.  (These are just indicative numbers to show my idea concept - Actuals will be based on Koodo business case of course.)
Offer is only available for Family members or Small businesses where the 1st user must provide proof of family or head of organization.
Koodo can use this to show that they care about families and small businesses who run 90% of Canada's businesses.

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Are you feeling the same as I send my kid's to university and feel gouged by the big 3?
I know this is an old post, but two things: Wind is stronger than ever now, and Fido always has and still does offer business accounts (even though not advertised), Koodo does not.