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I have an 11 year old son who does some mild texting, but generally uses his Koodo phone for contacting me after school to let me know that he's safe (and for keeping track of him when he wanders while we're shopping).  I am stuck in a Rogers contract.  When I went to Rogers to ask for a family plan, it was ridiculously expensive and ineffective for what we wanted/needed. As well, the phones that were offered for non-data plans were out of date.  I am completely unhappy with the Ace II I ended up getting when I resigned my contact (because my former phone died 2 years into the 3 year contract and I had no choice but to sign again). We walked down the hall to a Koodo dealer and got EXACTLY what we wanted for the price we wanted!  To boot, my son got a Top of the Line Nexus 4!  I do not have data and neither does my son.  The plans themselves were similar ($30/mo, no data, unlimited texting), but the quality of the phone from Koodo was outstanding.  I love the text my son gets every month stating what the bill amount is.  I love that there aren't constant phone calls from Koodo regarding surveys.

I think it would be great to have a direct parent/kid plan.  Part of my fear of data is that my son (or me) will go overboard and rack up a humongous bill.  I would love to see a parent to student phone plan that has unlimited free calls and texting between parents and their kids.  The option could be $5.00/mo or something like that (plus the regular no data plan of $30.00/mo).  

I have a daughter who is 7, but will eventually be getting her own cell phone as well.  I am impatiently waiting for my plan with Rogers to run out so I can join up with Koodo.  When I sign up and have myself, my daughter, and my son all on Koodo, a family plan with unlimited calls and texting between family members would be excellent!  Also, a way for parents to track who their children texting/phoning would be great.

Thanks - can't wait to join Koodo myself.

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