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Easy Roam Costs

Easy Roam Costs:I am a long-time (almost 7 years) Koodo customer and have used Koodo's roaming packages often when I've travelled in the past. Earlier this year, I spent a month in the UK and averaged $4 per day for roaming. Now that Koodo has implemented its "EasyRoam" system, that same service will now cost $10 per day - a 250% increase! For a 30-day trip, I would be charged $300. Forget it! It would be much cheaper to get a local SIM card and, as a result, Koodo will get $0 from me for roaming. Not good business on Koodo's part!

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It caps at $100 per billing cycle so it would never get up to $300.
Thanks for the clarification. However, this would be true only if the travel was completed within a specific billing cycle. So, it could easily be close to a $200 cost. Still exorbitant.