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Each Koodo Kiosk Should proivide cases for loaner phones !

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When a customer comes to the kiosk to have thier phone sent out for repair the kiosk proivdes them with a loaner phone. Koodo Should also proivde cases to go with the loaner phones. It can be part of the agreement of when provided the loaner phone the case has to be returned as well with the phone or Koodo will charge you for the case, as they would charge you if you damaged the phone while it was under thier possession. It will put ease on the customers mind when they walk away from the kiosk that if they do drop it it will be protected and they wouldnt have to pay for the damage of the phone.

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Er, it would be nice but that would be somewhat complicated and a hassle to make sure they keep track of the cases because then the cases must be in good condition as well.
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I can see where this would be a great idea. But how many loaners does each Kiosk have and what are they? And it also could cause grief if the customer does drop it and it breaks. They could argue that koodo out a cheap case on it and that's why it broke. Idk just my 2c