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I would like to suggest "double" addons: $5 to double the data allowance included in the base plan, $7 to double the minutes, and $10 for a "double-double" that doubles data, minutes and texts included in the base plan. (The latter one is of limited appliccability to current price plans as there are no plans that have limited texts AND a data-allowance. But there might be some legacy plans, dunno. And in case it would be easier for marketing that way.) Of course I don't have the data to simulate the effect on the margin, but I'm sure it would increase the ARPU.

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Data addons koodo can offer are : for non BB phones 1. Data Saver Lightweight 2. Data Saver Heavyweight for BB phones: 1. BlackBerry Social 2. BlackBerry Connect (100 MB) 3. BlackBerry Connect Plus (2 GB) 4. BlackBerry Connect 4 GB - These plans also are available: 1.Canada Wide plans February 3/2012 2. City Koodo plan August 3/2012 3. Canada Wide promotional data plans October 18/2012 - November 22/2012 All plans come with predetermined AT and 50 SMS, VM/CD, and cannot be changed until koodo policy thinks otherwise (for unlimited SMS/MMS you can add it for 5$)
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I think Daniel is aware of the current add-ons... He was suggesting that Koodo offer additional add-ons that allow customers to double their minutes, data, or both.... Similar to how you can get unlimited text for an extra $5/month. Interesting idea, btw.
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Thank you, Mustapha, I know what's currently available. I had an idea for something that is currently not available. Just as Mo said. 🙂 BTW: In my posting I missed a word. It should read "And in ANY case it would be easier to market this way."