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Device Request - One Plus phones

  • 17 January 2019
  • 4 replies

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One plus phones are very competitively priced flagship phones. It would be amazing to see their phones available through Koodo as an alternative to the highly expensive top brands like Samsung and apple. You get the same or better specs in phone for a cheaper price point.

4 replies

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Having more phones to select from is always a good thing.
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I'll gladly up-vote this idea (now that T-Mobile carries the OP6T), but with one reservation/caveat:

The T-Mo version is a little non-standard. They dropped one of the SIM card slots (ugh, carriers) and I believe there is some firmware differences too, and unlike the regular quickly-updated OnePlus version, T-Mo controls firmware update scheduling for their version. Granted, I believe I read you can modify the firmware to run the stock version again, but missing a 2nd SIM slot would be a real bummer none-the-less, and doubly-so if we had to wait for Koodo/Telus to approve firmware updates.

If Koodo were to carry a modified version similar to T-Mo's, I'd still support the idea, but would personally avoid this version and continue to buy direct from OnePlus as I have for my current OP5T and the OP3 I used before it.
If you can go grab a OnePlus 6T great phone!
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Well yes but please don't necro an old thread just to say that it's good.