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Cut Me Some Slack Idea

This idea has no technological flash but what I wouldn't do for an actual button on cell phones that could be easily engaged for when you are driving, preferably hit before but easily tapped while driving if you forgot beforehand.  It would let all attempting callers and texters know that you are driving and unable to respond, maybe even silencing the ring to avoid driver's curiosity.

I am in and out of vehicles a lot throughout the course of a day both within and out of the city.  Today's society is totally demanding about how fast they get responses, sometimes becoming frustrated with the shortest of downtimes.  Phones and driving ups the distraction anti no matter how amazing of a multi tasker one thinks they are.  Bluetooth can help with phonecalls and verbally translated texts but really can we not occasionally just tell the world "hey I'm driving, cut me some slack". An option I'd love to have, and who knows maybe more people than we know have respect for people's driving time if they just knew they were driving.

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I think there is an APP for that!
Not if you don't have a data phone, lol. Plus the old button idea is much easier while driving. It is one thing if you have a regular routine type job/schedule and you can neatly set an APP when you need to but quite another if your job/routine requires physically being in many places (job sites) in a day and communications need to be detailed when you are stopped. From what I have been told with respect to data phones there is no APP that actually alerts people attempting communications that you are driving. The biggest problem is too many people get overly confused and annoyed with not getting instantaneous responses.
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This would be an idea for the actual phone manufacturers. Cindy, Koodo doesn't actually make the phones it sells and it can't modify them.