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Customized Apps for Koodo

So, I have been with Koodo for many years now. Every time I have upgraded my phone, it seems that certain applications are not as user friendly and it can be very annoying. For example, on my last phone, there was a speaker option on my keyboard for quick audio texting, and on my newer phone, there is not and I have tried downloading an app for convenience in this regard but it was a painful and unsuccessful experience. Also, many other features I had were either not found on this "up-grade" of a phone, or were very un-user friendly including some camera effects, calendar perks, pictures, calling features, accurate swipe and text word recall, to name a few. I propose that Koodo come up with an individual, customized plan for clients where they can log into their Koodo customer page and actually select a list of particular apps we would like on our phone. Some basic and convenient ones like the speaker phone (and it shouldn't be a rabbit trail to access it directly on the phone, as I have encountered -  meaning that some of these features on the phone make you push more buttons and follow a particular trail just to access it. It wastes time and efficiency.) Also, the phone I have has a horrible calendar app. If a person upgrades their phone, the applications should also be the most efficient and user friendly, and if not, there should be way more options given instead of having a lesser quality. In addition to a client customer application add - on feature on the Koodo site, I think it would be wise and beneficial for Koodo to give artists the opportunity to create their own designs for phone case covers for a contest to win a new phone and have their design printed on a rare, limited edition only number of cases..... that would just be cool, give artists something creative to do, and bring in some sales for Koodo because the cases would be original and limited. Here's to hoping these are good ideas, kind of just thought of them on spot. All the best.

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